RightFish Launches Candidate Discovery Service
- Offering focused on helping recruiters connect with the most passive job seekers -

RightFish (http://www.rightfish.com/), a fast growing, full-service, candidate research company, today announced new and expanded services to help corporate and agency recruiters gain greater access to passive job seekers. RightFish's new Candidate Discovery Service (CDS) utilizes intelligent sourcing techniques that leverage technology-based and human-based discovery tactics, enabling clients to immediately act on accurate candidate data tailored to their needs.

"Today's corporate and agency recruiters require advanced research and sourcing strategies and services," cites Richard Stack, RightFish President and Chief Research Officer. "RightFish CDS was rolled out earlier this year and has already helped organizations across almost every industry. As recruiters enter new recruiting cycles they can rely on CDS to put them in the best position possible to reach passive candidates within their target audience."

RightFish uses client specifications to generate lists of professionals working within specific industries, companies and/or functions. The lists include names, titles, company information, and contact information of individuals deemed "of interest" to clientele.

Stack states "Our ability to rapidly aggregate and validate personnel-related information is the cornerstone of this offering. Our clients receive information about their industry and competition that allow their recruiters to quickly target key personnel and contact them about their opportunities."

The company also announced plans for RightFish Consulting, a research and sourcing training organization that will work with organizations who wish to build their own sourcing capabilities.

RightFish uses an integrated search and screening methodology to provide its clients with access to qualified candidates in various regions and industries for a flat fee. Depending on the skill set, location and other search parameters, finished lists are generated within one to 7 business days. The information is delivered via the RightFish Secure Portal and download to Excel and Outlook is made available. Depending on the Applicant Tracking System, direct data dumps may also be available. Clients of CDS then apply this information to build an efficient pipeline of value-oriented candidates, cut down on cost-per-hire and time-to-hire and host multiple interviews. RightFish primarily focuses its searches on sales, marketing, finance, and technology functions, with a specialty practice focused on university admissions

About RightFish

RightFish offers custom candidate sourcing programs and pipeline support for Hiring Managers, Corporate Recruiters, and Human Resource personnel within growth-minded organizations. RightFish delivers comprehensive and actionable candidate information via direct sourcing, name generation services, technology-enabled candidate discovery, and specialized data gathering.

Based in Chicago, IL, RightFish is a private company. Founded in 2004, RightFish has grown from a tactical screening solution to a full service research and sourcing company, building custom research programs designed to help companies grow.

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