CareerBuilder's Supply & Demand Portal Reveals Seven Hot Job Areas With Worker Shortages
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CHICAGO, July 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Where are the jobs today?  CareerBuilder has released a list of hot areas where workers are in demand.  CareerBuilder's Supply & Demand portal is a one-of-a-kind tool that pulls data from national employment resources such as, Wanted Analytics and EMSI (Economic Modeling Specialists Inc.), accessing more than 45 million jobs, 40 million resumes and 140 million worker profiles.  Based on the number of available jobs and available candidates, the portal identifies occupations and corresponding markets with the greatest supply and under-supply of candidates. 

The Supply & Demand portal was designed to help employers zero in on the best markets to recruit hard-to-find talent, identify top competitors for talent in various locations and make strategic business decisions like where to place a call center.  In turn, the portal enables CareerBuilder to help job seekers discover occupations that are in high demand and hone skill sets for areas with great growth opportunities.

"The Supply & Demand portal enables employers to gain valuable market insights and develop more productive and cost-effective recruitment strategies," said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder.  "More than one-third of Human Resource managers we surveyed said they currently have positions for which they can't find qualified candidates, a trend that continues to grow as the economy recovers and job prospects improve.  While the U.S. still has a very competitive job market, there are areas within technology, healthcare and other fields that have a growing deficit in talent."

The following are examples of areas where there is a growing gap in the number of workers needed to fill job openings, based on data from the last six months. 

Cloud Developer – 0.32 active job seekers for every job opening (in other words, there are three open positions for every one available job seeker)
Average Salary: $100,000
Career opportunities in this space have multiplied with the exponential growth of data and the corresponding need to store and manage it.  Demand will continue to grow as companies look to increase capacity and function without having to build new infrastructure.  

Registered Nurse0.38 active job seekers for every job opening
Average Salary:  $65,000
A staple on lists of worker shortages, nursing is one of the most challenging areas for recruitment.  In addition to a growing demand for healthcare services, enrollment in nursing schools is trending down due to a lack of nursing faculty.

Business Intelligence Analyst1.01 active job seekers for every job opening
Average Salary:  $98,000
This hybrid position that combines technical know-how with business and market insights is becoming increasingly critical as companies place a greater emphasis on business analytics.  Companies are leveraging the value they have in their existing data streams and warehouses to make smarter business decisions and create better tools for customers.

Manufacturing - Quality Engineer1.05 active job seekers for every job opening
Average Salary:  $68,000
The Manufacturing sector is making a comeback as the economy recovers and exports grow stronger to meet the needs of emerging markets.

Truck Driver1.37 active job seekers for every job opening
Average Salary:  $41,000
While life on the road has distinct advantages, extended time away from home, long hours on your own and dealing with traffic are among challenges that can make these positions hard to fill. 

SEO Strategist 1.75 active job seekers for every job opening
Average Salary:  $70,000
With high Internet penetration in markets across the globe, there is a greater need for individuals who can bring more traffic to company websites by elevating their ranking in unpaid and paid search engine results pages.  Companies with a large Internet presence are bringing these skills in-house to build effective and relevant sites.

Healthcare Administrator2.25 active job seekers for every job opening
Average Salary:  $88,000
An aging population and over 30 million Americans newly insured as a result of healthcare reform are fueling the need for more medical services and professionals who can keep operations flowing smoothly. 

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